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Ask yourself what’s important. Share what’s going on in your life right now. Imagine the future you want to live in.

Talk to yourself across the years: send a letter to your future self.
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About The Project

Our service allows you to write a letter to yourself, provide an email address and select the date of receiving. You will get the letter from the past when you have already forgotten about it.

You can make your letter public, so we’ll store it to our everyday life archive for research. It is our intention to publish the most vivid and imaginative texts in a printed book one day.
Suggestive questions
How would you describe yourself now? How would you answer the question "who am I" now? How do you see yourself in the future?
Are you afraid of the future?
If yes, what exactly are you afraid of?
What keeps you from living your dream life?
Do you know where to find happiness? Talk about the time when you were happy.
What would you like to change about yourself? What would you like to achieve?
Do you already know why you came into this world? Have you found your calling? Or does it still lie ahead?
What matters to you most? Do you make enough time for it?
Would you like to get rid of any bad habits?
What do you like doing over and over again? What was the last thing you did when you lost track of time?
Do you like the person you have become? What do you like about yourself? Do you love yourself just the way you are?
More questions
What matters to you most? Do you make enough time for it?
What do you like doing over and over again? What was the last thing you did when you lost track of time?
Would you like to get rid of any bad habits?
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Public letters
Larisa Nekrasova
"As long as there’s a rainbow in your soul

We’re all different. But we all have one thing in common. We’re all living people, and we constantly have something we need or wish for. Sometimes we achieve what we want, persistently and consistently, and sometimes we want everything right here and now. We live as if we are flowing in a steady river stream or making our way through gorges of obstacles. Sometimes
Antonina Snytkina
Open on June 16, 2022

"I'm writing a letter to the new me, the one who has blossomed, having set her priorities. The one who has put things in their proper places, in the style of Marie Kondo. And the best part is that those things always return to their places. Everyone plays their part in that order: your husband, your kids, your cats, though you are still the mastermind. There’s nothing unnecessary, not in things, not in thoughts, not in actions.
Ian Gumenyuk
"My name is Ian. I am 11 years old. I study at School number 8. I like cooking, drawing and walking. I know the history of my country well.

Here’s my future in ten years.
I’m 21. I’m a chef in a restaurant in Saint Petersburg. I have my own car and a flat in the center of St. Pete. Besides my main job, I give tours around the city.
Sergey Ziuzin
"The letter I’m writing to myself now could have been written much earlier, or might never have been written at all.
So, let’s recap everything that was written before this letter.
You seem like a nice guy, and you’re headed in the right direction. But sometimes it seems like you lack something. Sometimes it’s understanding, sometimes it’s persistence, sometimes you’re too soft, or, on the contrary, you overreact and get too tough.
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Those who already got their letters
Olga Efimkina
Writing to yourself is a way to reflect, to think about the present, to set directions for self-development. And after a certain period of time, it is an opportunity to be amazed by your past self. Thousands of thoughts flash through our minds every day. But still, not all of us know how to talk to ourselves, listen
Sergey Ziuzin
Writing to your future self is kind of like today’s version of you kicking the future you, the person you don’t know yet, but who you will become quite (or not quite) soon.
After all, the messages and the information we launch into the future are not only unique, but can in many ways predetermine our
Antonina Snytkina
A letter to your future self. I came across this phrase and figure it would be interesting to do. So, I wrote it. Yes, it takes certain courage to openly declare your desires and dreams. And you begin to wonder, what if what you’ve written won’t come true, or you won’t have achieved you goals in time. But I am brave. I set my
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This is a non-profit service. If you like it, support its development with your donation.
This is a non-profit service. If you like it, support its development with your donation.